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G Investindo Associates formerly known as G Investment Indonesia was founded in 2007 based in Jakarta, Indonesia, specialized in global funding for projects development in Indonesia and ASEAN region. In 2015,the associates has two strategic funding divisions, Global Investindo Associates, for infrastructure and strategic sectors and G Investindo Associates, for  retail and consumer sectors. Our wide range of services are arranging, facilitating, and assisting our clients in fund raising, with our priorities in workforce strength, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and commitment to sustainability, corporate citizenship.

We have experience and ability to find the right companies to invest by forming strategic business alliances and relevant capital tie-ups for private and public equity investing, as well as corporate development.

Our global network enable our expertise to assist executives in handling all transaction matter for every business industry.

In addition, we truly understand the responsibility to consider social environmental and governance implication of the investment.


G Investindo provides a wide range of services worldwide to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, governments, financial institutions and high net-worth individuals. We are well positioned to provide:

  • As facilitator, raising fund for direct funding into Private Ownership Companies and State Ownership Companies (debt and equity funding, portfolio management and exits) from GP Private Equity Investment Firms and Venture Investment Capitalists.
  • As placement agent, raising fund for Asset Management Company (AMC) by offering AMC investment instruments to potential and qualified investors (private clients/high net-worth individuals, corporation and institutional investors, funding groups, trusts and foundations).

To provide guidance and assistance with international standards, rules and regulation for :

  • Corporate Development (M&A origination and execution, strategy and new business formation, joint ventures and management).
  • Capital Investment Advisory (M&A, capital raising, corporate restructuring).
  • Originate, research, and recommend investment ideas and strategy primarily for Indonesia and ASEAN based private and public equities.
  • Establish and manage relationships with the C-Suite of our portfolio companies and network with retail and institutional investors to explore innovative financial solutions and facilitate global investment potential.
  • Wealth creation and life quality enhancement by providing global reach and connectivity between capital markets and knowledge driven investors profiteering from yielding investment.


Venture Capital Funds is used for late stage and pre-IPO stage.

Growth Equity Funds for later stage  companies with proven products that are generating significant revenue and are looking to grow companies business.

Buyouts Funds for "mature" companies that generate significant cash flow already and the deals are focused for capital structure rather than operational improvement.

Funds will specialized in one specific sector or a few sectors and others generalist funds/ sector-agnostic fund.


Every investment adds value to its portfolio companies:
  • Operational expertise.
  • Strategic expertise.
  • Networks of contacts in the industry sectors.
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