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We are financial professionals with more than 25 years of relevant private and public equity investing, corporate development, and we offer advisory and specially tailored solutions. Our experts provide a comprehensive range of services to meet all financial needs. We are committed to transparency and fully informed about opportunities and risks.

The team’s disciplined and discerning investment professional perform exceptional due diligence, studying the industry to identify specific opportunities and trends. Funds are selected on a clearly defined set of criteria.


  • The Indonesian Institute of Accountants member 10060839
  • Registered Accountant, D-8725
  • Public Accountant Certification, A029.9710183
  • Certified Investment Manager April 12, 1997
  • Certified Enterprise Risk Management Certified Professional
  • Certified Professional Risk Manager


Jodjana "JT" Jamian

Jodjana "JT" Jamian graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Trisakti University. He had joined finance and accounting extramural studies in the 80's at Alexander Hamilton Institute, New York.

Started his career in 1986 at Chattra Associates. He appointed by the Board as a Team Leader and with his team, Chattra Associates and Atelier 6 Consulting awarded by Indonesian Directorate General of Tourism as the winning team for the biggest Indonesia hotel development contest for Hotel Education Campus in Bali (1992). On 1992 he appointed and served as President Director Chattra Group of Companies, one of Indonesia's EPC design build construction company and housing property developers. 

In 1993, Jodjana appointed by Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI) as raising fund chairman for the National Sport event 1993, supported by his team, the event had succeeded to invite major Indonesian tycoons to support the event cost and collected 3.2 Billions USD in one night. 

In 1994 he left his position and served as President Director Mandara Group of Companies focuses on construction, developer, and trading until 2004.

Jodjana successfully led Mandara team to win and awarded as Best Enterprise from Arthur Andersen Consulting in 2000.


In 2001 he also served as chairman PT Sporta Artha Kelola Asset Management, a vehicle schemed by National Sport Committee of Indonesia with Bank Mandiri to arranged mutual funds  product. On 2004 he served as President Director PT Menara Global Fund and acquired Indonesian hotel minority ownership. 

Jodjana "JT" Jamian was appointed as Managing Partner G Investment Indonesia on March 2007, Managing Partner G Investindo on March 2013, and Chairman Global Investindo on May 2015 until currently.

Rajneesh Kumar

A techno-commercial professional, with strong track record of 30+ years of executive performance in the field of Infrastructure Projects, played strategic role in development of high value green & brown field projects.

As a Senior Partner in G Investindo, he has demonstrated successful development of a large Real Estate residential high rise building project in Jakarta, with multi-disciplinary skills as top management, including planning for development of landed house projects, Mall, School, etc. Other than real estate projects, also possess extensive experience in other infrastructure projects such as ports, roads, railway, material handling systems, etc.

Possess skills of leading the project with strong domain knowledge of handling project from conceptual stage until completion, with core skills of financial modeling, feasibility study, stakeholder management, contracting & procurement, sales & marketing planning, design & construction.

Previously worked with CCCC, one of the giant state-owned companies of China, Adani Group and Reliance Group which are top business conglomerate of India, Ambuja Cements (now owned by Holcim) which is a giant cement manufacturing company, MEC Coal which is a joint venture between Trimex Group and Ras-AI-Khema of Middle East.

Nicolas LLovet

Nicolas graduated of Fluids Mechanical Engineer from Institut des sciences de l'ingénieur de Toulon et du Var (ISITV) and Master Business Administration in Toulon - France.

Started in 2004, Nicolas had been operating in company named I-PC Informatique based on his 4 years of experience working for in IT service company providing innovative services and products.


During 2008 to 2011 he was appointed as Continuous Improvement Engineering and International Field Engineer at Geo services company. During those years he completed his training of Slick line Course, Completion, Cased Hole Logging, MPLT Tools, and Multiphase Flow Metering.

Experienced in Business Development Manager in 2011 to 2013 at one of the largest marketing and sales consultant Indonesia, Country Manager Asia eco-friendly consultant and since 2010 until currently, Nicolas has been working as a Head of Training in a consultancy company in improving human resources. Other than that, Nicolas is also working as a Regional Managing Director of SEA for helping executives and professionals develop the skills in business.

Nicolas involved as  partner G Investindo since 2016 is well known for his professionalism and dedication which provide as business  facilitator.

Edi T. Hardiyanto

Edi graduated  Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy at Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara (STAN) and Master's Degree of General Finance at Drexel University, shows his interest to expertise in accountancy and finance. 

As a Senior Partner in G Investindo since 2010, Edi had master many skills, this is shown in the acquisition of licenses and certifications of certified Risk Management Professional from National Agency for Professional Certification (BNSP) qq Risk Management Certification Agency, Public Accountant Certification from Indonesian Institute of Accountants, Licensed Investment Manager Representatives and Licensed Securities Trader Representatives from Indonesian Financial Market Supervisory Board, Qualified Internal Auditor from Indonesian Internal Auditor Certification Board, Enterprise Risk Management Assurance from The Institute of Internal Auditors Inc.


During 2001 to 2003, He  served as a president director at PT Sporta Artha Kelola Asset Management.

And has been actively working as an audit committee, risk monitoring committee, and integrated governance committee in one of multinational bank and consulting.

Asri Anjarsari

Asri graduated as a Bachelor of Economics in Finance and Banking from PERBANAS Institute Jakarta.

Her background in the specification of the Financial Industry in the field of Risk Management, Anti-Fraud Investigation & digital processes began in 2000 with Citibank, ABN Amro Bank, RBS Bank, CTBC Bank, continued in Financing Companies, namely Home Credit Indonesia, BFI Finance, and started her new business activities in 2017 by building P2P Lending and in 2022 building a Management Consultant.

As a Partner in G Investindo , Asri had master many skills. During 2018-2019 she was active as a speaker, trainer and moderator at various FINTECH seminars and events throughout Indonesia such as the Indonesia Fintech Fair 2018, Fintech Fest Manado 2019, Fintektok TalkShow Purwakarta 2019, Fintech Day Samarinda 2019, IKAD Jakarta Business Ethics Seminar 2019, Training Giving basic certification exams for Commissioners and Directors of Fintech AFPI in Jakarta 2019.

Succeeded in bringing PT Kas Wagon Indonesia to get the TOP Digital Award from It Works to become the Top 2019 P2P Lending startup business. Received the award as Inspiring Women CEO in Fintech Industry in July 2019 from Fintek Media.

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